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Space Invaders

We’re used to seeing the leading casino game and platform developer Playtech release pokies themed of popular entertainment brands, stars and shows in the likes of Marilyn Monroe and The Sopranos. Playtech now delves in the world of vintage video games and is proud to launch a title based on one of the very first computer games; Space Invaders. Explore a true classic of the gaming world, one which was originally played in the early 80s on the legendary Commodore 64 computer.

Space Invaders Pokie by Playtech

Space Invaders Pokie by Playtech

Space Invaders makes a surprising come back with this superb video pokie featuring 5 reels and 10 pay lines, skillfully designed in order to bring us back 35 years in the past when computers were just entering the domestic market. Gamers will enjoy the vintage illustrative simplicity of 80s graphics presented alongside period sound bites. Younger players will discover a pioneering game while older ones will be thrilled to reconnect with a timeless classic. For the vintage computer and arcade gaming nostalgic, Space Invaders is an endearing journey back a generation ago, and one that will allow his or her to aim for interesting prizes as well.

In the true spirit of Space Invaders

The brain child of the celebrated Japanese game creator Tomohiro Nishikado, the video pokie Space Invaders is launched in 1978 and stuns the arcade gamers, who were accustomed to pinball machines and simple mechanical games. Space Invaders is based on extraterrestrials invading the world, which in the 70s was an extremely popular concept many times explore through films and TV programmes. The Playtech version of Space Invaders recreates this theme to perfection, complete with over-sized pixels and simple graphics. The game also stays faithful to its main elements, namely aliens, flying saucers, space monsters, planets and even the famous laser gun which moves along the bottom of your screen..

Classic 70s Symbols

The graphics of Space Invaders are a mix of images formerly used in promotional material for the game and 3 of its original pixelated space monsters. In an ascending payout, you’ll discover blue, green and purple space creatures, a blue laser gun, a green space ship, a large purple space creature and an orange planet. The latter is the game’s highest valued symbol during the base game with a 150 coins payout when you line 5 of them across a payline.

Another great classic to recently hit the reels — this time coming form the world of music — is the very successful Jimi Hendrix. This Net Ent title is part of a rock legend trio which also include Guns N Roses and the recently released Motorhead.

Space Invaders Betting Options and Special Features

Begin your space battle with bets starting at $0.01 and going as high as $20 on each payline. This means a wide wagering possibility with betting options varying between $0.10 and $200 per spin.

Laser Gun

You will soon find that Space Invaders provides a unique gaming experience. This is immediately noticeable due to the presence of a laser gun at the bottom of your screen. This gun moves along the width of your screen and will fire bursts of laser if it stops at reels 2 and 4. It will launch a burst of laser burst that will eliminate low value symbols and will replace these with a Wild symbol. This allows you to create winning combinations, as well as to double your earnings.

UFO Wild

A unique feature called UFO Wild will be triggered when the gun and the tiny pink spaceship which occasionally flies over the reels are lined up on a reel. The laser will then shoot at the spaceship, thus activating a free spin allowing up to 9 wilds that land randomly on the reels. This will give you the chance to win great prizes including ones several hundred times your wager.

Space Invaders Verdict

Thanks to pixelated graphics and faithful sound bites which are very much in sync with the original video game, the overall spirit of this pioneering title is very well replicated. The pokie Space Invaders offers an opportunity to younger gamers to get acquainted with a timeless classic and for older ones to revisit an important part of their youth. With a very wide betting range, Space Invaders will also suite all wallets. The only things that could have made this game better is the option to choose the number of paylines. But even with small negative detail, Space Invaders is well worth a try.


What is the top jackpot of this pokie?

The top base game prize of Space Invaders is 150X your bet. For this, you must obtain 5 Orange Planet symbols on an active payline.

What are the special features of this pokie?

Special features of Space Invaders include free spins, 2 wilds and a turbo function.

What’s the payout percentage of this pokie?

The payout % of the pokie Space Invaders is a bit over 96%

How many paylines and reels does this pokie have?

Space Invaders has 5 reels and 10 paylines.

Where can I play this pokie?

Space Invaders is a Playtech pokie available at


Age of the Gods : Fate Sisters

Playtech has recently launched the Age of the Gods pokie suite — a superbe series of games based of super natural characters and themed on ancient Greek mythology — which is making a lot of noise in the online casino gaming world. The British casino expert is releasing a total of 7 titles, namely Age of the Gods, Furious 4, King of Olympus, Battle of the Gods, Prince of Olympus, Goddess of Wisdom and finally Fate Sisters, for which this is the review.

Age of the Gods : Fate Sisters by Playtech

Age of the Gods : Fate Sisters by Playtech

Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters focuses on the incarnations of fate and is inspired by Greek mythology. This new Playtech 3D pokie has 5 reels and 25 paylines, and is bursting with great features. Players can enjoy free spins with multipliers, as well as random and sticky wilds. There is also a fabulous progressive jackpot that could change your life in one spin. The betting range varies between $0.25 to $ 250 per spin, which makes this game suitable for all budgets.

Special Features of Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters

As with the other Age of the Gods 3D online pokies, Playtech spared no effort in designing Fate Sisters. This opus features a celestial temple in the background, and on the reels you will see several objects associated with antiquity in addition to the main characters: Lachesis (Decima), Clotho (Nona) and Atropos (Morta), the three sisters of destiny. The gold coin acts as a wild and can substitute for all other symbols to help players form more winning combinations except for the scatter.

Scatter Symbol

The blue swirl is the scatter symbol, and when you get 5 of them across the reels, you win 10,000x the amount of your stake. It’s also the most lucrative symbol of the game, and when it appears simultaneously 3 times or more on the screen, it triggers the Fate’s Portal feature. Once activated, you have the choice between 3 different free spins features, each one associated with one of the sisters.

Fate’s Portal Feature

The Fate’s Portal Feature is dedicated to Free Spins. As stated earlier, each of these sets of free spins are associated with a different sister.

Atropos’ Temple
If you choose Atropos, you will receive 15 free spins associated with a multiplier. Each time it appears on reels 1, 2, 4 or 5, the value of your multiplier increases by 1, whilst otherwise it decreases by 1. The maximum value of the multiplier is 5x, and the minimum is 2x. If Atropos appears on reel 3 while playing this feature, you will be awarded 3 additional free spins.

Lachesis’ Temple
If you choose Lachesis, you will receive 10 free spins during which the wilds are locked on the reels for 3 of the spins. Each time you get a new wild, it’s locked in place for 3 other free spins. When Lachesis appears on the middle reel, three additional free spins are given to you.

Clotho’s Temple
Clotho grants 8 free spins during which 3 wilds appear with each spin. When it appears on the median spin, you receive 3 additional free spins.

Gamers who enjoy Ancient Greece and its fascinating mythology will also find satisfaction with The Legend of Olympus by the phenomenally talented team at Rabcat.

Sisters’ Gift

Sisters’ Gift is another interesting feature of this Playtech pokie. This is a re-spin that is activated during the base game when Lachesis appears on reel 1, Clotho appears on reel 3 and Atropos pops up on reel 5 simultaneously. The icons of the sisters will then be locked on the reels for the next spin, thus helping gamers to generate more winnings.

Age of the Gods Series Progressive Jackpots

This Age of the Gods series is currently available a most good Playtech casinos, such as our favored, and also includes a game where players can win a progressive random jackpot. To do this, they must choose 3 identical gold coins among the 20 that will be displayed. Gamers have the certainty of winning at least one of the 4 progressive jackpots available once they access this game.

Fate Sisters Verdict

Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters is another excellent pokie game from Playtech, and is already available on most of online casinos powered by this developer. There’s no doubt that a relation exists between the release of Age of the Gods pokie series and Marvel — and their stunning comic book themed games — pulling out of the casino industry all together. Having be bought by Disney, it’s rumoured that the comic giant is doing so in order to perfect its family friendly image. Let’s see how Playtech manages to built the Age of the Gods branding and create a strong following for this suite of interesting titles.


What is the largest jackpot of this pokie?

The largest jackpot at Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters is obtained through its Progressive Jackpot, which can reach in the millions.

What are this game’s special features?

Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters has Multipliers, Wild symbols, Rounds of Free Spins, Bonus Games and Progressive Jackpots.

What is the payout percentage of this pokie?

The payout % of Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters is approximately 93%

How many reels and paylines does this game have?

Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters is played across 25 paylines and 5 reels.

Where can I play this pokie?

Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters is a Playtech pokie which is offered at



Excellent news for online pokie players! Microgaming has just launched a game based on the revered and iconic Tarzan, the adventurous jungle man who enjoys worldwide notoriety. Explore the deep African forests with this endearing character alongside Jane and a gang of adorable animals, and set your sights on the 110,000 coins up for grabs.

Tarzan pokie by Microgaming

Tarzan pokie by Microgaming

Microgaming is one of the casino game developers that dominates the industry in terms of ‘branded’ online pokies. They’ve been known to have created titles based on some of the most successful entertainment projects; ie well-known entertainment brands, movies, series or popular icons. These include names such as Jurassic Park, Battlestar Galactica and Tomb Raider. Microgaming has released on its online casinos the new Tarzan pokie, which brings the wild hero of the classic tale penned by Edgar Rice Burroughs in a new format.

Since its creation by Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1912, Tarzan has been the character most often adapted in films. After going through all mediums – including an version by Aristocrat for land-based casinos – the nature loving hero is making a breakthrough entry into the world of online casino gaming.

Primal Screams From The Depths Of The Jungle

The 3D pokie Tarzan is played across 5 reels and 40 paylines in a graphic and sound environment that took months for the creative team at Microgaming to develop and refine. The developer has worked hard to transcribe the universe of the famous jungle man, knowing that millions of Tarzan fans have high expectations.

Aside from the classic wild symbols and stacked wilds, the game features a wheel of fortune that can be activated by finding three or more scatters on the reels. Tarzan will stand next to this wheel and have the privilege of turning it. Four different prizes can be obtained: free spins, a bonus game, multipliers and a nice jackpot.

In addition, it will be possible to benefit from other features like rolling reels and growing wilds. Everything has been done to offer players a convincing environment in which the options and bonuses are numerous.

Developed in HTML5 as in all current pokie releases, Tarzan will be progressively available on all Microgaming casinos, in both desktop or mobile versions. Game enthusiasts on smartphones or tablets will be able to wager without any problems.

Tarzan Verdict

Although many gamers will be attracted to this pokie thanks to its theme, we did find it a little simple and under par in terms of what Microgaming is capable of creating. A bit more flexibility in terms of bets would have been welcomed. For instance, having un-ajustable paylines restricts wagering possibilities and contributes to infantilizing the game. Having said that, Tarzan is quite a decent pokie. The upside is that Tarzan will be available at most of the major casinos, since Microgaming is one of the big players in this market.


What is the largest jackpot of this pokie?

This game has a 1,000X your total bet which can be won during the Bonus Wheel.

What are this game’s special features?

Tarzan has Multipliers, Wild symbols, Rounds of Free Spins and Bonus Games.

What is the payout percentage of this pokie?

The payout % of Tarzan is just over 96%

How many reels and paylines does this game have?

This pokie is played across 40 paylines and 5 reels.

Where can I play this pokie?

Tarzan is a Microgaming pokie which is offered at All Slots Casino.


Avalon II

Avalon II is the sequel to one of Microgaming‘s most popular pokies. The original Avalon online casino game enjoyed instant success when it was launched in 2006 and has since remained one of the favorite pokies for players in Australia and elsewhere around the world. Faced with the popularity of the title, the mobile version of Avalon was also launched in 2010, followed by a multiplayer version in 2013. The Avalon II pokie features 5 reels and 243 Ways-To-Win offering up to 8 bonus games.

Avalon II Pokie by Microgaming

Avalon II Pokie by Microgaming

Avalon II allows you to play 30 to 150 coins per spin to try to activate one of the 243 winning combinations. This 3D online game also has 8 bonus games that allow you to start the quest for the Grail. To get to these bonus games just get 2, 3 or 4 symbols that represent the Grail on any reel.

Upon launching the game, players get to enjoy an extremely well designed game, one which possesses its own strong iconography and endearing style. Gamers familiar with the original version will find strong similitudes, although with a vastly updated and improved title that explores the fascinating English folklore.

Avalon II Symbols

Just like the original Avalon pokie, symbols present on the reels are characters intrinsic to Arthurian Legends, namely a Black Knight, Morgan, Guinevere, and Arthur. The highest paying symbol is the game’s logo, which is also the base game wild, offers 20X your line bet when lining 5 of them.

Wild Symbols

As previously stated, the game’s normal wild symbol is the Avalon II logo. This 3D online pokie also features an expanding wild symbol; the Lady of the Lake. When this symbol appears, it can take all 3 frames of a single reel. The bonus game Forest Falls also offers a Trailing Wild; this means that this wild expands and then holds its place for the next spin.

Scatter Symbol

The Grail symbol is the scatter symbol in Avalon II. It will multiply your wins and can pay out in any position. It cannot be substituted by the main wild symbol and as well by the expanding wild. Scatter gains are calculated by multiplying the combination payout of the scatter by the total quantity of regular coins wagered. Regular wins are added to scatter wins. If you have a regular win and a scatter win, you will receive a paid out for the 2 wins, as the scatter doesn’t need to land on consecutive reels to trigger a win. Three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels will trigger the grail bonus game.

Merlin symbol

The Merlin symbol is another one to keep an eye out for as it can also increase your chances of a win. When you see this wizard appear on a winning line you will receive a mystery multiplier. Even if the bet isn’t a winning one, Merlin can still give you a cash prize.

Discovering the Arthurian Legends will be interesting for most gamers; if you really enjoy this folkloric theme, we recommend that you also try out Forsaken Kingdom by the lesser well-known game developper Rabcat. which has made quality the hallmark of its offering.

Avalon II Special Features

Start playing this stunning pokie at All Slots Casino if you have a preference for feature-packed online pokies. Avalon II, far exceeds all expectations and offers both complexity and abundance. It would be too lengthy to give a detailed description of all the special features of this amazing 3D pokie, but here’s a quick summary:

Grail Bonus

This Bonus is triggered with the Grail Scatter symbol appearing 3,4 or 5 times across the real. 120,000 coins are the maximum potential win during this mini game.

Lake of Legend

Reassemble the broken Excalibur by rolling dice.

Misty Vale

Gamers enjoy 15 Free Spins and an extra wild.

Whispering Woods

The White Knight will give gamers a choice of 5 shields.

Forest Falls

Receive 20 Frees Spins combined with trailing wilds.

Dusky Moors

Gamers must match 2 Helms to enjoy an extra win.

Morgan’s Keep

Players are given 20 Free Spins in addition to rolling reels.

Halls of Shadows

Conquer the Black Knight in order to recover the grail

Isle of Avalon

Gamers get to Spin the Wheel of Avalon to receive a prize.

Avalon II Verdict

Avalon II is one of the most popular online pokies, and rightfully so. Good design, strong branding, a theme based on actual folklore, tons of features and 120,000 coin jackpot makes this pokie a winner which ticks all the boxes and is one of Microgaming’s flagship games.


What is the largest jackpot of this pokie?

Avalon 2 has a 120,000-coin maximum jackpot which is available during the Grail Bonus game.

What are this game’s special features?

Avalon 2 has Multipliers, Wild symbols, Bonus Games and Free Spins.

What is the payout percentage of this pokie?

The payout % of Avalon 2 is 97%

How many reels and paylines does this game have?

Avalon 2 is played across 243 Ways-To-Win and 5 reels.

Where can I play this pokie?

Avalon 2 is a Microgaming pokie available at All Slots Casino.


Goblin’s Cave

Goblin’s Cave is one of the five very unique pokie machines that are offered by Playtech. As far as we know, they are the only pokie software developers that offer this game format, and the resulting product provides a unique gaming experience.


In this 3D online game, the player finds him or herself in a cave inhabited by a goblin. This cave is filled with an enormous treasure. On the floor, lay hundreds of gold coins and precious stones. To the left of the gaming console, we find a strange creature wearing glasses. On the other side, we see a very large chest overflowing with various golden objects. On the reels, we discover a little more the contents of this fabulous treasure. The reels display a selection of symbols related to the goblin’s life and akin to what you’d expect from a treasure; we can see lanterns, receptacles, gold coins, rubies, crowns and rings decorated with various precious stones, namely emeralds, sapphires and rubies.

A New Way to Spin the Reels

Goblins Cave is played by spinning three reels and three pay lines. Coin value varies from 0.01 to 5.00. There is a 150X multiplier which is the maximum reward of the game; the 150 coins can be won simultaneously in all three paylines. Look for the crowns and spin one of the three reels to collect 20 coins, this will not immediately drop the coins as it is a winning combination, spin again and the 20 coins won will be paid on all three lines.

The reels are located in cave somewhere housing goblins. When you click to spin the reels, you can see the goblin physically turning the wheel. This video effect is very well executed.

Goblin’s Cave Bonus Game

When you get 3 Lantern symbols on a winning line you activate the bonus game. In this game, you choose a treasure chest and find out how much bonus you have earned.


Although described in the ‘How to play it’ as being difficult to explain how Goblin’s Cave actually works, it’s simpler than one might think. Simply put, Goblin’s Cave is one of Playtech’s five slot machines that are designed in this way and the concept is much easier to grasp than it might seem. The animations are good and well illustrated as the sounds in this game transport you to a level of excitement that can only be imagined. Play the Goblin’s Cave online pokie by login in to one the great Playtech casinos such as or S Casino.

If you like this game you may also like similar pokies such as Lucky Leprechauns by BetonSoft which is available at All Slots Casino.


What is the top jackpot of this pokie?

Goblin’s Cave offers a 150-coin maximum jackpot which is won by landing 5 Wild symbols on an active payline.

What are the special features of this pokie?

Goblin’s Cave offers Wild and Scatter symbols and a Bonus Game.

What is the payout % of this pokie?

The payout percentage of Goblin’s Cave is 96%

How many paylines and reels does this pokie have?

Goblin’s Cave features 3 paylines and 3 reels.

At which casinos can I play this pokie?

Goblin’s Cave is a Playtech pokie which is available at




Hells Grannies

What’s could be more endearing than lovely old wrinkly grannies knitting scarfs and mittens? Throw in the wicked world of the Hells Angels to the mix — complete with tattoos, mohawks and chain smoking – and we’ve got a online 3D pokie like no other. Microgaming introduces Hells Grannies… All the adorable 2-wheel speed-rocker action one could handle!


Hells Grannies Pokie by Microgaming

Hells Grannies is a beautifully developed 5-reel and 25-payline 3D pokie designed by Microgaming, with one of the cutest themes we’ve have the opportunity to see in online casino games. Meet grandmothers who hit the high road and break free, and let them give you some lucrative gifts as you ride along. Besides being fun and boisterous, these grannies are very generous. If you behave well, they’ll even give you a maximum jackpot of 2,000X, multipliers and 20 free spins with great prizes.

Fans of Hells Grannies will also enjoy the off the wall action at Break Da Bank Again,. This second edition of an extremely popular game from Microgaming features 9 paylines and 5 reels with a 1,500X base game jackpot.

Cute Choper Grandmas Rule 

This game features great graphics and excellent sound effects, and stars 3 hardcore grannies that we shouldn’t mess with. They smoke cigarettes, have cool hairdos and wear strange glasses. You can play without downloading Hells Grannies on any online Microgaming casino, such as the Australian favourite Casino Mate.

This pokie has a Wild symbol, which is represented by the words “Knit Fast, Die Warm.” This symbol can substitute for all icons except the scatter symbol. It can help to create any winning combination and grant you even more prizes. The Wild the game’s highest paying symbol and leads to the base-game jackpot when obtaining 5 of them on a payline. The Scatter symbol is in turn represented by the icon of the skull with two revolvers, and it offers high payouts. Like all scatters, it grants a payment regardless of where it appears on the reels and your gains will depend on the amount you bet. If you can simultaneously get 5 scatter symbols on the reels, you will leave with 50 times the amount of your bet, and this amount can reach $5,000 per spin! Obtaining 3 of these symbols also triggers the free spins feature.

Our Verdict

Microgaming offers us a simple pokie where the defining characteristic is its endearing theme. This is a game you play for fun and relaxation, and will appeal a broad range of online gamers, thanks to hits combination of a relatively low betting range and adorable theme.


What is the top jackpot of this pokie?

Hells Grannies offers a 2,000-coin maximum jackpot. Win it by landing 5 of the Wild symbol on an active payline. The Wild of this game is the brick wall dis-laying the motto ‘Knit Fast, Die Warm.’

What are the special features of this pokie?

Hells Grannies offers Wild and Scatter symbols, Multipliers, Free Spins and a Bonus Game.

What is the payout % of this pokie?

The payout percentage of Hells Grannies is 95.14%

How many paylines and reels does this pokie have?

Hells Grannies features 25 paylines and 5 reels.

At which casinos can I play this pokie?

Hells Grannies is a Microgaming gaming which is available at Casino Mate.



Lost Vegas

Las Vegas city is overrun by zombies and to escape the city, you must become a zombie hunter in this new online pokie developed by Microgaming which features amazing 3D graphics and 2 kinds of free spins.

Lost Vegas Pokie by Microgaming

Lost Vegas Pokie by Microgaming

This amazing zombie themed game illustrated with intricate cartoon-style graphics, can be played on any mobile device, desktop or tablet, offers two game modes (the Survivor Mode and the Zombie Mode) and includes two sets of regular symbols depending which game mode you choose. These are either the Survivor symbols or the Zombie symbols, and both modes will also feature special symbols, including a Lost Vegas Wild, A Hazard Scatter and the Fist of Cash. Lost Vegas online 3D pokie is delivered with 3 rows, 5 reels and 243 Ways to Win. Your bet per line ranges from 0.30 and 45 coins.

2 Game Modes

Lost Vegas will give the choice between 2 different game modes. In one, you’re playing alongside the Survivors and presumably hunting down the morbid creatures which have invade the famous desert city. In the second mode, you are one of the zombies, creeping and spooking your way through the streets and terrifying the locals. The game mode is chosen by clicking the button located at the top right of the console.

Let’s have an in-depth look at their differences:

The Survivor Mode

The main symbols are all Survivors; these are basically ordinary looking people equipped with weapons in order to hunt down zombies. During the free spins, these come with a ‘Stash Feature.’ Anytime one of the ordinary A, K, Q, J or 10 symbols appear, these are removed and replaced with cash prizes. Of course, all normal winning combinations are still active during these rounds and you’ll be awarded with your total cash prize at the end of the Free Spins. The round of Free Spins ends when all the royal card symbols have been stacked.

The Zombie Mode

The main symbols are Zombies of all sorts. Free Spins come with an ‘Infectious Feature,’ turning regular Wilds into Stacked Wilds. The game ends when all reels have been infected. The regular winning combinations are also active during the Zombie version of the Free Spins.

Continue your voyage into morbid themes with a trip to the land of the Ghost Rider. This Marvel-Playtech cooperation let’s you aim for one of the those famous progressive jackpots which is one of the hallmarks of this comic-book gaming team.

Blackout Bonus Game

The Blackout Bonus game is triggered randomly. During this bonus game, all high paying symbols give instant cash prizes and only one Scatter is needed to trigger Free Spins.


Lost Vegas is a fun take on the Zombie theme and offers interesting options thanks mainly to its 2 game modes. Not breaking any ground with this pokie, Microgaming is nevertheless offering us an entertaining title with great graphics that younger players are sure to love.


What is the biggest jackpot of this pokie?

Lost Vegas offers a base game maximum jackpot 2,250 times your total bet when landing 5 Hazard Scatter symbols.

What are the special features of this pokie?

Lost Vegas offers 2 Game Modes, Wild and Scatter symbols, Multipliers, a Bonus Game and Free Spins.

What is the payout % of this pokie?

The payout percentage of Lost Vegas is 96.50%

How many paylines and reels does this pokie have?

Lost Vegas features 243 Ways-To-Win and 5 reels.

At which casinos can I play this pokie?

Lost Vegas is a Microgaming title which is available at All Slots Casino.



Britain’s Got Talent

Experience the most poignant and exciting talent show ever produced: the hugely influential Britain’s Got Talent. The popular casino gaming provider Playtech bridges the gap between pokie players and a concept that has seduced millions around the world and revolutionised the music industry for ever. Join the respected in the spirit of song, dance and life changing talent.

The Pokie Britain's Got Talent by Playtech

The Pokie Britain’s Got Talent by Playtech


Britain’s Got Talent is a video slot machine that offers the player to find all the emotions and moments from the popular TV show. This is the ITV extravaganza that made its creator, Simon Cowell, a household name. But this show is also linked to several talented performers who stunned audiences and went on to launch incredible careers. These names include the opera sensation Paul Potts and the phenomenally talented singer Susan Boyle, who offered the show’s most endearing moment during her first performance.

This game offers all the flash and pizzazz you would expect from a talent show… The graphics portray the lines and visual cues of the famous British show with style and inspired gusto. The Union Jack hits us in all its glory, all illuminated in its red, white and blue colours as it is used for the background. On the reels, the basic symbols kick off with a trio of performers; namely a singer, a dancer and a juggler, all silhouetted against the British flag. The other low ranking symbols are the usual card icons, which are A, K, Q, J and 10.

As Britain’s Got Talent is loaded with special features, the game offers also a trio of special symbols; we find a Britain’s Got Talent Bonus symbol, a Free Spins Scatter symbol and a Union Jack Wild.

Britain’s Got Talent has 5 reels and 20 paylines. The player can decide of the number of active lines and the amount of the bet he or she wishes to make on each of them. The range of bets is quite wide, as it is possible to bet between $0.01 and $50 per payline. If you’ve got the pockets for it, your total line bet could reach a very respectable $1,000.

Got the showbiz bug? The Sopranos and Marilyn Monroe are 2 more entertainment theme pokies being featured at pokies Palace.

Creative Special Features

Britain’s Got Talent Bonus Game

Enter the competition by playing the Britain’s Got Talent bonus game. For this you must obtain the Britain’s Got Talent symbol bonus symbol simultaneously on reels 1, 3 and 5. You’ll then be invited to choose from 3 different performing arts; either music, dance and a novelty act. Once your choice is made, you’ll simply have to hope your contestant wins the competition. This is a random game, so just sit back and watch all the performances and cross your fingers in the hope that yours gets the largest ovation.

Free Spins

You will be awarded up to 20 rounds of Free Spins when the Free Spins symbol lands simultaneously on reels 2, 4 and 5. During these, wilds can appear randomly and stay for the remaining number of spins.

Our Verdict

Like all branded games, the pokie Britain’s Got Talent has its own following, which immediately makes the game popular. Add the fact that you’re dealing with a good mix of quality and familiar sound bites, solid graphics, decent bonus features and an attractive top jackpot of $500,000 all wrapped in a concise theme that remains loyal to the brand, and you can be playing a winner.


What special features does Britain’s Got Talent have?

Britain’s Got Talent offers Wilds, Scatters, Free Spins and Bonus Games.

What is the maximum jackpot of Britain’s Got Talent?

The maximum jackpot at Britain’s Got Talent is 10,000 coins, available when landing 5 Union Jack Wild symbols on an active payline.

What is the payout % of Britain’s Got Talent?

The payout % of Britain’s Got Talent is 92.52%.

How many paylines and reels does Britain’s Got Talent have?

Britain’s Got Talent is played across 5 reels and 20 paylines.

Which casinos can I play Britain’s Got Talent?

Britain’s Got Talent is a Playtech pokie which can be played at




Good Girl Bad Girl

Heaven and Hell? Angels or demons? The unique pokie Good Girl Bad Girl offers 15 paylines and 5 reels, and is the brainchild of the hugely creative team at Betsoft Gaming, the legendary gaming software provider that offered us online casino favourites such as Slotfather, Whospunit and Birds!. Betsoft raises the ante with Good Girl Bad Girl by offering two totally different gaming environments. Chances are that you’ll be impressed by this game that forces you to choose between good and evil, or even mix the two to have a goodtime online!

Good Girl Bad Girl Pokie by Betsoft

Good Girl Bad Girl Pokie by Betsoft

First, it is important to stress that whatever the game mode you choose, rest assured that you’ll experience the same great features we’ve grown accustomed to enjoy with Betsoft games. This means a fantastic sound environment and whimsical 3D graphics of stunning quality. The animations are particularly well developed and the symbols perfectly match the theme adopted by the developer. The player can choose to enter either the Good Girl player mode or the Bad Girl mode. In Good Girl mode, the combinations are read from left to right. This is opposite to the Bad Girl mode where the combinations are read from right to left. Players also have the opportunity to mix the two modes to optimize the chances of winning.

Naughty Features and Angelic Treats

The 3D pokie Good Girl Bad Girl enjoys a Wild, recognizable by its blue and red colours. It’ll replace all missing symbols to form a winning combination. When wild symbols are displayed on the third, fourth and fifth reel, the player will win respectively 30, 150, or 500 coins. That’s not all, when the red symbol is associated with the symbol of the devil’s trident, you have the option to trigger a multiplier x1 to x4. When the blue symbol is associated with the halo symbol, you can enjoy a x1 multiplier to x2.

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In addition to the Wild, the pokie Good Girl Bad Girl also has a ‘Click Me’ feature, which is the key to accessing rounds of free spins. A ‘Double Up’ feature is also present to add some wicked fun, giving you the opportunity to double your winnings after each win. Finally, the feature ‘Wheel of Fortune’ gives the player to seriously increase his or her winnings by yielding substantial prizes and free spins.

Good Girl Bad Girl Verdict 

This is one the most iconic and unique pokies one can enjoy on online casinos today. Its 2 game mode adds some spice to what initially is a feature rich title. Great 3D graphics and fabulous sound bites; this game will surprise you. 


What are the special features of this game?

Good Girl Bad Girl offers Free Spins, Multipliers, Progressive Jackpots, Scatters, Wilds an d Bonus Games.

What is the largest jackpot at this game?

The largest base game jackpot at Good Girl Bad Girl’s is 1,800 times the line bet. Players can win this jackpot when landing 5 Good Girl or Bad Girl symbols on an active payline and betting the maximum.

What is the RTP % at this game?

The return to players % of Good Girl Bad Girl is 97.8%

How many reels and paylines does this game have?

Good Girl Bad Girl is played across 5 reels and 15 paylines.

Where can we play this game?

Good Girl Bad Girl is a Betsoft pokie available at Mr Green Casino.




Marilyn Monroe

Today, Marilyn Monroe remains for many the perfect woman: gorgeous, sensual and successful with a thrilling love life. The mega star is the all time ultimate sex symbol. Over the years, documentaries and films about the life of Marilyn Monroe have been numerous, but few of them have managed to truly represent the essence of which is still considered to be the most beautiful woman to have ever hit the silver screen. How can we capture the joy of life and talent of this legendary actress? Playtech has the answer: a game, and not just any game. Discover the star on our preferred online casinos today at!

Marilyn Monroe Pokie by Playtech

Marilyn Monroe Pokie by Playtech

Rediscover The Actress With The Pokie Marilyn Monroe

The pokie Marilyn Monroe successfully represents the star and her era of the height of her popularity, the 50s. Glitz, the Manhattan skyline, and several glamourous images of the star are all displayed with a heavy use of purple hues. Symbols are quintessentially Monroesque; we find Marilyn on many symbols, and several elements associated with the world of movies at that time, including Monroe’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star, a classic movie camera and posters featuring the sex symbol. Of course, such a pokie wouldn’t be complete without a Wild and a Scatter; players will recognize those as an image of the star and a neon sign inscribed with Marilyn Monroe in pink.

Fans of vintage 50s will probably also enjoy another of Playtech’s great successes, The Jazz Club. A fantastic 5-reel and 25-payline musical adventure putting you right in the middle of a smoky and exciting jazz club.

Players will be spinning on a classic 5-reel and 20-payline setup. Before playing, gamers can choose the number of lines they want as well as the bet per line, that ranges between $0.01 and $50, making this online 3D pokie one that has broad appeal, just like the beautiful actress.

Bonus and Special Features of Marilyn Monroe

Wild Symbol

Marilyn Monroe Wild symbol is classic in behavior, as it replaces all other symbols with the exception of the Scatter, although this symbol does 2 interesting thing, starting by doubling all line wins in which it is involved. Second, it’s linked with the largest base-game win: get 5 of the Marilyn wild across an active payline and receive 10,000 coins. When betting the maximum, a reasonable $50 for the line, you’re looking at a $500,000 prize.

Backstage Bonus

Marilyn Monroe pokie features one bonus game. Land 3 or more Marilyn Monroe Scatters and trigger this stylish feature. A new screen will present the player with 5 photographs of the actress; click on 2 of them to cumulate free spins and multipliers. The show starts with 10 free spins combined with 2X multipliers, and can even reach a staggering 45 free spins with a 10X multiplier. And there’s more; land 3 or more Scatters during any Free Spin to see yourself awarded with 35 extra free spins, with the ongoing multiplier. Furthermore, there’s no end to free spins!

Marilyn Jackpot

The highest possible win during the pokie Marilyn Monroe is undoubtably won by obtaining 5 Marilyn Wilds during a Free Spin which is twinned with a 10X multiplier. Your regular $500,000 max bet prize is therefore catapulted to an incredible trophy of $5,000,000!!!

Our Thoughts

Classic, classy, simple and focused; this is the best way to describe this Playtech title. The pokie has all markings of a solid game; a broad range of betting options, enough features to keep you interested, a strong theme and an alluring top prize. It’s rules are easy to understand and it’s gameplay fluid, making it a perfect option for beginners. Marilyn Monroe was released by Playtech a few years ago and the pokie is starting to show its age. Still, this title still has a few good years left and players are sure to enjoy the game’s vintage but glamourous theme.


What is the maximum jackpot of this game?

Marilyn Monroe features a base game top jackpot of 10,000 coins. Note that this amount  an be multiplied by 10X during  free spin, making this the game’s highest win. This can equate to a jackpot of $5,000,000 when betting the maximum of $50 per line.

What are the special features of this game?                                     

Marilyn Monroe offers wilds, scatters, multipliers and free spins.

What is the payout % of this game?

The return to player of Marilyn Monroe is 94.10%

How many paylines and reels does this game have?

Marilyn Monroe has 5 reels and 20 paylines.

At which casinos can I play this game?

Marilyn Monroe is a Playtech game that your can play at