History of Pokies

The first slot machines were developed in the United States in the early 1900’s when gambling was still illegal. Despite their legal status, slot machines proved a big hit and began to spread throughout the world.

The first slot machines to become available to Australian’s was in the 1950’s, when leading manufacturer Aristocrat developed a game known as the Clubman, later updated to the Clubmaster. At the same time, the Australian government relaxed their laws relating to gambling, and the popularity of these games exploded. It wasn’t long before the term ‘pokie’ was introduced and has stuck ever since.

As the popularity of pokies continued to grow, so did the innovation and variety of the games. The biggest transformation of pokies occurred in the 1980’s when Las Vegas casinos developed video slots. This technology was quickly utilised by companies producing Australian pokies, and features such as bonus rounds, nudges, and free spins were introduced, adding a completely new dynamic to playing pokies. Check out All Slots casino to play over 400 different pokies!

Introduction to Online Pokies

Another transformation in the world of pokies happened in the late 1990’s with the take off the internet and the introduction of online casinos. This allowed the technology of pokies to develop once again, with more innovative features and huge progressive jackpots. Online pokies now features games based on some of the biggest branded characters, movies and stars such as Lord of The Rings, Incredible Hulk and Rocky.

Another new feature that online pokies allowed was the introduction of pokies tournaments, where by players from across the world compete for a prizepool based on the accumulated winnings from a pokie machine in a fixed amount of time.

Upcoming Future of Online Pokies

There is no doubt that the popularity of pokies continues to grow and grow. Does this mean the future is bright for the development of pokies, with additional features ad better games? It’s difficult to say, with the major threat currently facing pokies is legislation and regulation. The Australian government enjoy the taxes generated from pokies in land based venues, but are unable to tax online casinos and therefore consider them a threat. Will this mean the end of pokies? We don’t think so, as they are just too popular in Australia.

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