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Welcome the quirky and amusing world of adorable little feathered creatures. Betsoft has created a wonderful pokie that puts forth a dozen different and cute birds that fly in and bounce on overhead telephone wires.

This 3D video pokie was launched on May 11, 2016 and has everything to achieve great success. The game incorporates gorgeous graphics and cascading reels with a twist… It’s the only pokie where the symbols fly in and out of the screen. Players will see birds flying from the left side of the screen that will go perch themselves on telephone cables in a standard 3×5 grid format frame. Once the birds arrive, your earnings are calculated, and all the birds involved in your winning combination will fly away towards the right, allowing the reels to cascade. If you’re lucky, new winning combinations will form and you will earn more.

Birds! Pokie

Birds! Pokie

Birds! welcomes players with a lovely semi urban setting with a good mix of trees and buildings. The game offers various city environments; you might play in a North American city or perhaps you will find yourself on the edge of an European city. The birds are designed with the same high quality 3D rendering which is now part of the Betsoft branding. Only birds are present on the reels and there are 11 of them. Amongst the most interesting birds you will discover an orange baseball bird, a red soldier bird, a blue music fan bird, a pink cheerleader bird, a green intellectual bird and even an adorable purple bird with birth defect! The highest paying symbol is the white and yellow bird and the Wild symbol is the large multi-coloured bird.

When you spin the reels, unlike most of the pokie machines on the market today, the birds don’t “roll”, but quietly fly out of the screen to the right, while others succeed them arriving from the left. Everything is done to dive into the universe of a real movie! And if this animation begins to tire you and slows your gaming experience, you can skip it by pressing the ‘Skip’ button, so you enjoy their generosity without having to watch their cute shenanigans at every spin.

Bonuses, and more Bonuses!

You will also notice a gutter on the left of the game topped with an egg in a nest. This is a gauge that unlocks free spins. Every time you get a winning combination, it fills. After 4 consecutive wins, you get 8 free spins. After 5, you will get 12 and after 6 consecutive winning combinations, you will receive 20 free spins. Of course, if you make wins meantime, the Avalanche system still lets you earn without touching the “Spin” button. And if you’re lucky and you win 7 times in a row or more, you are awarded 14 free spins, in addition to the number of consecutive combinations in free spins! For example: If you win 10 times in a row, you will then 14 + 10, or 24 free spins! You won’t risk loosing your feathers!

Birds! Pokie Console

Birds! Pokie Console

As mentioned above, the Wild of Birds! is the large multi-coloured one. This is your best friend, because it replaces any other bird to pocket even more! Finally, the gambling feature will allow you to increase your earnings! With the double up feature, you can accumulate pounds, or lose them! But if you want to experience the thrill without risking losing everything, there is still a safety net since you have the option of only betting half of your earnings, so all is not lost!

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Our Thoughts on Birds!

This game is so enticing that we easily forget that we’re playing a pokie game. Each of the protagonists have a good look to them, and their bright colours allow you not to confuse them with each other. The animations are breathtaking and you’ll never want to leave your new friends. And in addition to sharing their happiness, they’ll help you fill your pockets! Betsoft once again hits the bulls eye this incredible work! Birds! is an online pokie machine that promises hours of relaxation and is a great way to put you in holiday mood, with both the bright colours of the game, but also with the wins you will rack up!


What is the maximum jackpot of Birds!?

Birds! offers a maximum jackpot of 830,000 coins.

What are the special features of Birds!?

Birds! offers Multipliers and a Wild symbol as well as a gambling feature that allows you to do double the entirety of your winning or just half of it.

What is the payout % of Birds!?

The payout % of the pokie Birds! is 96.5%.

How many paylines and reels does Birds! have?

Birds! features 5 reels and 25 paylines.

At which casinos can I play Birds!?

Birds! is a Betsoft pokie available at Mr Green Casino.