Online Pokies Tips & Strategies

Pokies are a game of chance, and in the long-run players will generally lose because pokies are programmed to pay out at a percentage less than 100%. Despite this, pokies are an extremely popular form of gambling and entertainment. There are a number of tips players can utilise to maximise their winnings whilst playing pokies, and strategies to adopt to give yourself a better chance of winning.

Best Payout Percentage Online Pokies

The biggest and best pokies tip is to follow relates to choosing a pokie machine with a high pay out percentage. This is difficult when playing pokies in land based venues such as pubs, bars or leisure clubs as the Australian government fixes the pay out at 87%. However, if you play pokies online, pay outs range from anywhere between 90% and 99%. This represents much better value than playing in land based environments, but it also means players should shop around and research the variety of pokies offered by an online casino to find one with the highest pay out. Spin Palace has a number of pokies with a payout average over 97%.

Knowing when to stop

This might sound like the simplest piece of advice when it comes to any form of gambling, but Pokies Palace can’t stress how important this is. As part of any pokies strategy, players should never chase losses or gamble more than they can afford to lose. When you are playing in an irrational state of mind you are much more likely to lose. If y U become angry or frustrated whilst playing pokies, it can lead to missing bonus round opportunities which offer the chance to win, thus leading to greater losses. Grand Reef casino has some of the best online pokies – all with great payouts.

The steps system

The steps system refers to increasing your stakes during a bad losing run based on the assumption that the pokie machine will pay out at some point soon. This is a myth, and all pokie spins are independent from previous spins, which means you are just as likely to win no matter what your stake size is and what your previous win/loss ratio is.

Another tip for those who enjoy online pokies is to set a time limit for your session. This is much harder to do when playing online, so you need to be disciplined. For more information on playing online pokies, Pokies Palace has a whole host of information that any gambler would find useful. Read more about online pokies here.